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Full Day, Full Classroom Experience

PROCEED has been providing a preschool experience for young children since 1972, so we know how important it is for your child to walk out of the classroom confident in his or her social skills and with good, lifelong academic habits.

We offer two preschool locations: 1122 East Grand Street (Early Childhood Development Center I) and 1126 Dickinson Street (Early Childhood Development Center II), where your child will benefit from lively, interactive play and age-appropriate school activities that introduce concepts from a Bilingual/Bicultural perspective. 

In our preschools, days are filled with curiosity and creativity as children are read to; play make-believe; work on arts and crafts projects; learn the alphabet and other basic concepts; enjoy the on-site playground; and participate in countless games with their peers. The preschools implement the High Scope Setting and the Scholastic Early Childhood Program learning models. The High Scope Setting model allows children to choose which activities they participate in throughout the day. By planning their own day, children are encouraged to ask and answer questions they are interested in, manage obstacles that they encounter, and include classmates and teachers in their activities. In accordance with the Scholastic Early Childhood Program model, the preschools are set up with activity stations, such as a circle time stations, a story time station, a learning center, and so forth.

What you need to know about PROCEED's Preschool Program:

  • All of our teachers have a bachelor’s degree and are certified to teach from preschool to third grade (P-3 certification).
  • All of our teacher assistants each have a Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate. 
  • Each of our classrooms maintain a 15:2 student to staff ratio.
  • Family workers are available at each location for assistance in the classroom with the students, and outside the classroom for families.
  • Our school year lasts a total of 10 months, from September to June.
  • Our average school days lasts 10 hours: 6 hours of class time and 2 hours of before care and 2 hours of after care, as necessary.
  • A healthy breakfast, lunch, and a snack are always provided.
  • Proof of Elizabeth residency is a requirement.  
  • Your child must be 3 years old by October 1st. 
  • Your child must be registered with the Early Childhood Department at the Elizabeth Board of Education.
    • Click here to view and complete the registration form; For more information regarding this form, call (908) 436-5353.

Once your child has been assigned to attend PROCEED's Preschool Program, please contact our Family Worker, Gisela Arriaga at (908) 351-7727 ext. 289 to pick up a packet.

PROCEED is committed to the Abbott promise of providing all families with free, quality education for preschoolers. We are also committed to getting your child’s social and academic experience off to a good start.   

For more information about PROCEED’s preschool services or to schedule a visit, please contact Sribanti Sarkar (908) 351-7727, ext. 236.