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and Capacity Building Services.

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Current Programs and Services

CSI-HT: Capacity Building Assistance Solutions for Infrastructure and Health Transformation 

CSI-HT is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under Funding Opportunity Announcement #14-1403. Under this initiative PROCEED: NCTSTA offers agency-centered training and technical assistance to community-based organizations to:  

  1. Maximize HIV testing strategies to identify undiagnosed HIV positive individuals

  2. Optimize programs and services for people living with HIV/AIDS

  3. Support adherence to HIV/AIDS medical care and treatment

  4. Improve organizational development and management to sustain and enhance HIV/AIDS prevention programs and services.

NCTSTA is a leading provider of capacity building assistance to health and human service organizations and professionals throughout the United States and its territories in the following expert content areas:  
  • Organizational Development and Management 
  • HIV Testing  
  • Prevention with Positives
  • CDC's Effective Interventions & Public Health Strategies

Organizations eligible for free CBA services under the CBA for AIDS and EBIs program include:

  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) throughout the U.S. and its territories that are directly funded by the CDC to provide HIV prevention programs and services within their communities.
  • CBOs that are funded by state and local health departments to conduct HIV prevention activities are also eligible for free CBA services. 

To request Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services:

  • CBO directly funded by CDC may submit a request for technical assistance through the CBA Request Information System (CRIS). PROCEED: NCTSTA recommends that organizations inform their CDC Project Officer of all requests for CBA prior to entering them into the system.  
  • CBO funded by the state or local health department must contact their health department representative in order to access CRIS and submit a CBA request on their behalf.  
  • Organizations or programs not funded by CDC and health department may contact PROCEED: NCTSTA directly via e-mail or calling (908) 351-7727 ext 348.  

Customized Capacity Development Services

NCTSTA’s customized capacity development services focus on providing cutting-edge capacity building and technical assistance to non-profit organizations, health departments, governmental organizations, and academic institutions that are seeking ways to maximize current resources, talent, and technology, in order to become more effective, efficient, and self-sustaining. 

Customized capacity building services are offered on a fee-for-service basis to individuals, organizations, and entities across a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to youth and family services, substance abuse prevention, education, HIV/AIDS, and mental health services. We ensure that all trainings and technical assistance sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of every organization and its constituents. Our approach is to work closely with organizations to identify priority needs, develop a mutually agreed upon plan of action, and execute CBA services that directly address identified needs, thus leading to positive outcomes. We will work with you to develop a package that is suitable to your budget and needs.