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Employment Services

Securing employment is one of the most effective methods of combating homelessness; however, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find stable, steady work. With a focus on job placement and development, PROCEED works with individuals to identify available employment opportunities and develop the necessary life skills needed to secure these jobs. 

How can PROCEED help me to find a job?

  • Clients meet with an experienced staff member to complete an employment intake that assesses their skills and previous experience.
  • Staff work with clients and outside employers to find employment options that are appropriate for the client.
  • Clients are notified about upcoming job trainings, and encouraged to explore different career options that may be of interest to them.
  • Clients receive personal, professional advice on various career-related topics, such as how to fill out an application, write a resume, and dress for an interview.
  • PROCEED hosts monthly job fairs and weekly skill development events for the community, every Friday from 9am to 12pm. Click here to access our monthly events calendar.


The Sanction Outreach Programn

The Sanction Outreach Program alerts individuals when they are in danger of being sanctioned by welfare for failure to adhere to welfare requirements, such as attending daily classes. If they cannot begin adhering to these requirements for legitimate reasons (for example, because they have a job or another pressing family commitment), there a number of services readily available to help those in need. PROCEED works to connect individuals to these services through intensive outreach activities and a well-developed referral network.

How do I find out if I am eligible for the Sanction Outreach Program?
To be eligible, individuals must live in Union County and must have been in or presently in danger of becoming sanctioned by welfare.  


Other FAQs 

Who can I speak to about any of the employment services listed above?
Please contact Luis Ramirez at (908) 351-7727 ext. 231.
I am an employer looking to hire new employees. Who can I speak to about working with PROCEED's employment services?
Please contact Mercedes Quintana at (908) 351-7727 ext. 228.