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Cultural Competence Resources and Tools

Cultural Diversity is the Spice of Life!

The EPIC Program is proud to launch the 2013 Awareness Campaign on Cultural Competence. There are two purposes for the campaign:

1) To raise awareness on the importance of building genuine relationships with diverse individuals; and,
2) To promote action towards appropriately responding to the culturally-based addiction prevention needs of NJ communities.

EPIC’s main goal is to empower addiction prevention organizations and providers alike to actively and continually strive towards cultural competence.

We are excited to bring the theme of the campaign, “Cultural Diversity is the Spice of Life”, to life with captivating images of real providers who serve communities across New Jersey, creative promotional items, and artistically designed posters. Check out the campaign video to learn more about EPIC’s awareness campaign, to view the poster materials, and discover how you can get actively involved! 

The Campaign Overview Video

The campaign video reminds us that we are all shaped by our individual beliefs and traditions. For this reason, it is important to celebrate the unique flavor each of us brings to life! As the campaign message indicates, self-awareness enables us to discover the similarities shared between ourselves and others, and, with compassion, we honor our differences. It is through this culturally competent process that respectful communication serves as a key ingredient for relationship building with others.

Lifelong learning is integral to our development of culturally relevant knowledge and competent skills useful to establishing genuine relationships. So, day by day, each one of us can improve on being aware of our own cultural narrative and honoring the rich backgrounds and traditions of others. By enhancing our ability to listen, learn, and respect our multicultural clients, we can meet them where they are and discover where they want to go.

How to Access Materials:

I. Posters
Cultural competence is a value to which we can all subscribe to achieve healthier, drug-free communities. To support you in serving your diverse clients, we invite you to take advantage of the campaign materials. We've created three graphic designs for use by you and your organization:

To view and download each design, please click on Poster 1, Poster 2, and Poster 3. Printed posters are available in medium and large poster sizes. If you'd like to order them, please fill out the Campaign Materials Request Form. Does your agency want a FREE framed poster? If so, send in the Pledge Card to Corynna Limerick at

II. Standardized Training with PowerPoint Slides and Toolkit
Check out EPIC’s toolkit, which features a great training resource for use within your agency. You can download the standardized staff in-service training entitled, “Enhancing Relationships through Cultural Competence” as well as the PowerPoint Presentation slides that you can customize. There is also  EPIC Program's Toolkit for DMHAS Providers which is full of resources and tools for assessing and enhancing your agency's cultural and linguistic competence. 

III. Web Banners
We have also created web banners that you can post on your agency’s website to show your commitment to cultural competency and sharing the “secret ingredients” providers use to working with diverse communities. There are web banners available in horizontal format and vertical format.

How to Make an Agency Pledge

Is your organization willing to pledge that “Cultural Diversity is the Spice of Your Organization”? It is easy to do! Fill out the pledge card and send it to We will send your organization a framed poster.

2012 Campaign Materials

Please feel free to download the posters for “Puzzled by Diversity”, “You Are Important”, and “Cultural Identity” from last year’s campaign. If you’d like to order materials pertaining to these messages, please contact Corynna Limerick or Yuriko de la Cruz. 

About the EPIC Program

The EPIC Program is a training and technical assistance (TA) initiative aimed at assuring culturally and linguistically appropriate addiction prevention services among diverse populations throughout New Jersey. The services offered by EPIC seek to enhance the operations of DMHAS-funded grantees by boosting the knowledge and skill sets of management and staff as well as strengthening their ability to respond to the needs, beliefs, behaviors, perceptions, and preferences of their respective target groups. EPIC provides group-level skills building trainings, customized one-on-one TA, consultation, and resources to initiate, expand, and enhance an agency's capacity to provide addiction prevention services to multicultural and linguistically diverse communities.

EPIC is a program of PROCEED, Inc.'s National Center for Training, Support, and Technical Assistance (NCTSTA) and is generously funded by the State of New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). 

For support on getting addiction treatment, contact the Addictions Hotline at (877) 652 - 1148 / DIAL 2-1-1!