Providing Social, Educational,
and Capacity Building Services.

Your experience and the impact it has had on my two children has been great. The group of teachers is excellen...

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// Andres R., Parent of Student in Early Childhood Development Center

Mission & Goals

PROCEED's mission is to provide and connect people to educational, health and human services; and enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to offer quality programs and services to their communities locally in NJ, and throughout the United States and its territories.

To achieve our mission, PROCEED strives to provide extraordinary customer services that directly address the needs of our clients. We accomplish this by pursuing these goals, though not exclusively:

  • Education:  PROCEED will continue to pursue programs and services geared at educating children from infancy to adulthood in a safe environment, as well as educational and cultural programs for adults.
  • Development:  PROCEED will continue to participate directly or through partnerships in the development of low to moderate income housing, housing for individuals with special needs, educational employment, vocational trainings, energy conservation, and other entrepreneurial activities that promote economic development for the direct benefit of the community.
  • Health:  PROCEED will continue to design, establish, and promote programs that promote health, disease prevention, and other health related services.
  • Counseling: PROCEED will continue to design, establish and promote counseling services in the areas of substance abuse prevention and treatment, child abuse and neglect prevention and treatment, domestic violence prevention and treatment, and other counseling services, as necessary.
  • Advocacy and Support:  PROCEED will continue to design and establish a range of integrated social programs and services specifically geared at providing support for individuals and families. These services include, but are not be limited to: education, referrals, entitlements, senior services, financial emergency assistance, homelessness prevention, linkage to employment assistance, and other services, as necessary.
  • Capacity Building and Training: PROCEED will continue to provide training and technical assistance to other institutions that provide goods and services to undeserved populations. It will also continue to design and implement programs that strengthen organizational capacity, and are geared towards improving services, improving service delivery, and improving the means by which undeserved populations access services.
  • Research and Policy Development: PROCEED will continue to pursue a proactive role in identifying the social, emotional, and physical needs of its clients. It will also continue to assess the resources available to meet these needs and encourage clients to participate in these services.
  • Community Participation:  PROCEED will continue to provide a forum for the social and economic participation of our communities. This forum supports the human and civil rights of the community.
  • Collaboration: PROCEED will continue to pursue, formalize and maintain collaborative partnerships with private and public entities in order to advance its mission, and maximize the services available to community members.

In accordance with our values and beliefs, we at PROCEED:

  • Treat each person with respect.
  • Deliver competitive, impeccable services to our clients and, when beneficial to the client, collaborate with other competent organizations that share our values.
  • Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action to resolve client service issues to ensure both client satisfaction, and that the problem not be repeated in the future.
  • Commit to “doing it right the first time” to assure high-quality service, and continued growth as an organization.