Providing Social, Educational,
and Capacity Building Services.

Thank you so very much for helping me pay my oil bill. At almost 91 years old, it is great to have this help.

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// Judy B., Recipient of Home Energy Assistance

Description of Services

PROCEED constantly evaluates to identify consumer needs and responds to these by incorporating new state of the art programs and services. Every year, PROCEED provides an array of social, health, and energy conservation services to approximately 16,000 individuals and families throughout Union County, most of which are free or provided on a sliding-scale.

Since 2000, PROCEED has also been providing individual and group level, local and national capacity building assistance, training, curricula and program development, and service implementation to organizations and individuals in the HIV/AIDS and substance abuse fields.

PROCEED’s services are organized under six general categories:  

  1. Family Resources: PROCEED has a James Kellogg Family Success Center as a safe space for families to become more joyous, loving, and resilient. PROCEED provides preschool services for children ages 3-4 who live in Elizabeth, NJ as well as provide services to enroll eligible children into health insurance programs. Parenting services are offered along with child abuse and neglect prevention counseling and intensive in-home counseling. There is also counseling available to adolescents and their families. Additionally, eligible families can participate in financial self-sufficiency courses and savings programs. 
  2. HIV/AIDS ServicesPROCEED provides counseling and testing, prevention case management, health education, risk reduction workshops, client support groups, community outreach, treatment education, and transitional housing for men living with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Homelessness Prevention and Employment AssistancePROCEED provides financial emergency assistance for rent, utilities, and food for clients in danger of becoming homeless. Through this program, individuals and families can also receive information and referrals for additional services, entitlements, and appropriate programs in the community. 
  4. Utility Assistance and Home Improvement: PROCEED provides utility payment assistance and energy conservation to income-eligible residents of Union County. PROCEED also provides senior citizen home repair and low- to moderate-income housing development services. 
  5. Substance Abuse TreatmentPROCEED provides individual and group substance abuse/alcohol abuse treatment, counseling, and educational workshops aimed at raising community awareness about substance abuse. Counseling is also available for youth who are either current substance abusers or are at high risk for substance abuse.
  6. National Center for Training, Support, and Technical AssistanceNCTSTA provides capacity building, training, and technical assistance in the areas of organizational infrastructure enhancement, program and curriculum development, and implementation of HIV and substance abuse prevention interventions. Services are provided to various community-based organizations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands that actively provide, or are interested in providing, services to people at risk for and/or living with HIV/AIDS and agencies providing substance abuse prevention services.