Providing Social, Educational,
and Capacity Building Services.

I thank God for having placed the PROCEED staff in my life since thanks to them, I have been able to improve t...

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// Karina A., Juntas Program Participant


Lead-Safe Home Remediation Program

The State of New Jersey Offers Assistance Programs That Can Help

Financial Literacy Provides Skills for First-time Homebuyer

Learn how a participant in the Individual Development Account Program was able to buy her own home.

PROCEED Invites!!! Safe, Fun and Confidential!

PROCEED, Inc.'s Preschool

PROCEED has been providing a preschool experience for young children since 1972.

HIV Testing

PROCEED, Inc., provides free and confidential HIV testing, education, and counseling.

  • PROCEED INVITES!!! Safe, fun and confidential TRANSGAYBI group AT 1126 Dickinson St., Elizabeth NJ 07201, every Tuesday at 6:00pm. Posted on 11/13/2017 11:51 am